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The Social Business Model mapped by Dr Yunus is mathematically designed to be the most purposeful organsiation

System Map criteria:

  • 100% sustainbility of cashflow
  • All surplus reinvested in purpose

  • Origin of this 30+year old model: Grameen franchises -each a business where the community of owners wanted all the profit to be reinvested in ending poverty 

    Typical recent achievements: the microcreditsummit network that used Grameen as its benchmark convened in 1997 and set and achieved the 10 year goal of providing 100 million families with access to neding poverty

    The idea of committing to the most purposeful organisational systems ever compounded is not for everyone - eg some business systems will always be designed around rewarding external owners. However just as Bangladeshi communities in deep need  were well served by investing communally in social busiensses, so today might any philathropist supporting a millennial rights goal or other challenge - eg climate - whose deadlines must be met if our species is to be sustained.

    Moreover, by learning from the social business system's 9-win molecular structure, vital questions about networking sustainability can be mapped.

    Extract from review at the euintangibles.net library:

    THE MAP of Missing Governance- Leadership Transparency & Dynamic Valuation of Intangibles & Networks -Macrae (Chris), Mitchell(Alan), et al

    Transparency Mathematics is developed around the 5 opposite dynamics to current accounting . These start every audit with the living system principle of detecting emerging relationship conflicts - the direct opposite of transactional accounting's inadvertent compounding of future risk caused by its notions of separability and past performance. By mapping the intangible productivities and demand, dynamic valuation indices can be derived. Today transparency maps explain all the risks and social-economic growth opportunities that are made opaque by the systemic diseases that short-term tampering of making numbers at the expense of trust-flow causes. This work also connects with the future history shifts of networking economies and societies first published as Norman Macrae's 2024 Report in 1984 whilst Deputy Editor of The Economist (1, 2)

    Who’s your business’s –or industry sector’s = purpose designed for? Customers? Employees? Owners? Societies? Business Partners?  Sustaining productivities? Meeting Demands? The human relations system truth is: you have a choice and this will determine what governance audit you need to map so that they there are no conflicts between those whose goodwill you multiply by keeping your promises over time.

    Mathematically the more time that an investment is sustained in a humanly desirable purpose, the more opportunities there are to compound win-win-wins across coordinates of productivity and demand. Conversely, the more speculative or short-term the investment horizon of owners the less the opportunities to multiply goodwill through different stakeholders.  This book will map how one organisational system is capable of sustaining 10-wins . Moreover, a network - where two or more wholly different systems such as global corporation and a grassroots up system designed to end poverty or other human crisis – can potentially compound 100-win, or 100-lose exponentials.

    Picture of exponential value multiplication

    It is probably too early to adjudicate whether the networking age has yet sustained a 100-win system. There are clear signs that we have come close to 100-lose systems: dotcoms subprime banks in 2008 and in all probability too much investment in carbon intenssive energy sectors and too little in solar.

    However lets starts with one of the best goodwill cases that is verifiable . The microcredit system Grameen developed by Dr Yunus is built round the 9-win system which he calls the social business model. His extraordinary new book in 2008 asks that the world join his exploration of future capitalism with 81-win networking partner models.

    When the Bottom Line Is Ending Poverty
    BusinessWeek - Feb 29, 2008
    While Gandhi's goal was the end of colonialism, Yunus' is just as grand: He means to reform capitalism to make it a tool for ending poverty

    ValueTrue question: What sorts of professions sustain goodwill multplication around an uniquely communed purpose?

    Brand Chartering is a system tool for auditing no bursts in flow between action and learinng unique organising purpsoe. This is facliated by communications experts independent of any executional element. The first question that every knowledge or service co-worker is empowered to share latest news aorund is; who would uniquely miss what if our oragnsiation's purpose ceased to exist tomorrow?

    Grounded Theory
    is a survey methodology that assumes no convenetional wisdom about a deeply human issue. It was first used about 40 years ago to determine how would terminally ill patients in hospices want to be treated by nursing staff? Findings transformed systems of this nursing profession.

    Worldwide Accolades

    The Social Business & Future Capitalism maps of Dr Yunus takes you to the business worlds and most vital human needs that  20th Centrury Harvard MBA's wholly neglected