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will London be 3rd to connect with joint venture of Bangladesh and California : ...

Yogurt & Cucumber Dommage:

For the want of a meeting format we lost http://wholeplanet.tv

HAP Race - the Next Moon Race

mark: media 2.0 revolutions take a few days to percolate- Nobody in london  has answered yet the call for HAP monthly meetings on expediting Hunger And Poverty's Museum - which an active GrameenCap/yuNus Forum/ Hunger Project big city could world serve by multiplying the goodwill to Do Now... I think my systemic purpose was different to where your question starts

yuNus the world's number 1 sustainability investment fund

Presumably before July's MCI meeting in Bali the microworld will work out they are missing yuNus Forum Social Action group http://wholeplanet.tv/id27.html -whose stories and celebration of humanity are needed as much as all the other MFI experience action planning sub-networks 

-if post-bali wherever there had been 10 citizens from the same place they started a HAP monthly forum then the first item on the agenda would be to get citizens demand every MCI is constituted as a social business if I understand Yunus maps, that would be an unstoppable changing world for microeconomics to multiply goodwill and sustainability investment in human productivity around

imagine if instead of knowing monthly that every first monday there was  a fast company meeting , you knew in 2008 part 2 that 100 londoners would monthly turn up at a 2 hour evening meeting on ending poverty, ending hunger, liberating 3 billion women- not always the same people -eg perhaps you would go 4 times a year - but a largely consistent network of 300-500 people in the audience

what sorts of speakers could we book to that meeting - the sorts of people like Gordon Brown or his representative who youtube a commitment when yunus is around


 but how do they follow that through in the next 12 months- ceos or their representatives debriefing us on future capitalism projects they do with yunus; the sorts of people who want to wiki together an open SMBA-or better still $100 laptop it if this meeting all had $100 laptops

Equally the audience network of such a meeting process would be a critical mass for if you like minifinancing citizen collaboration projects we need to develop yunus space-perhaps only 20 of the 300 people would be rich folk but it would give them a chance to start up citizen social business philanthropy primarily guaranteed as being either a grameen type project or a thp one (actually garage internet for the poor project pledges don’t need much money , more the guarantee there is an ongoing audience to feedback and interface them

If we could get the sort of meeting process I imagine going in London it would be one of the year 1 Future Capitalsim top 7 entrepreneurial wonders to dialogue in Dhaka with Dr Yunus as every city could convene such forums; if you like its the big picture view of what yunus forum could do whilst uniting subforums that sent delegates to the monthly event

Oddly we also need such meetings to do homework - eg the Milliken conference produced arguably the most amazing one hour video ever in uniting the curiosity of the heads of google, grameen and a genome scientist in solutions humanity needs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpFVtodCqn8 we need the space to commit to each other that we will watch such videos as spend say 20 minutes of the next meeting debating the homework video; also when you have a meeting of this scale it becomes worthwhile paying $100 for someone to transcribe the video so we can handout the text too


Educators of 250000 children in India tell me Drucker, Gandhi and Montessori were as correct as 20th C could get: Knowledge Unmanaged can be a very playful zone to be the flow-  once the worlds of women*poor*youth understand that the mapping trangle of yunus & gates & schmidt (grassroots world*bilanthropy world* do no evil corpoarte world) have already signed Future Capitalism's dotted line to promote a knowhow exchange between Bangladesh and West Coast USA turning from banker to the poor to internetworker for the poor through 6 community sustainbility compasses of banking, health, education, agriculture,microgovernment and truth media for consumer goods, IMAGINE if in the late 90s you had huge first Tuesday meetings or ecademy meetings for trivial uses of the internet why dont we have HAP meetings for how to connect the internet for humanity. This isnt a zero-sum  game but it would be good to see London/Uk be the third knowledge cross-cultural flow group to join in with Bangladesh and California; I will be turning to a campaign towards asking directors of The Economist to start The Grameen Economist before Business Week does it- doubtless this will drive them mad with me but the broader sanity of connecting London Bangladesh California is the only change game in town that Londoners truly need to map in the next 12 months.

Why not take this mail and trio up ie debate it with two other perope. I bet you will find more practical answers than theoretical questions, and a lot more fun than I know how to wordsmith

Incidentally after 40,000 pounds of field test and probably a year elapsed of my time  I dont believe in the meeting process of pioneers of change at all, or indeed any of the other UK social entrepreneur or green networks' modes of meeting and virtual boxing that I have experienced in the last decade. Systemically their media is impoverishing. They are not open enough, not contextually gravitated around urgent trust maps, nor collaboratively the far side of the social business system transformation, the yunus book simply asks us to map; if they were they would already be debating yunus book weekly among 1000 internetowrking readers. Sadly they are living up to Ackoff' and Gandhi broken system prediction - the harder they try from the historic side of the fence the more they waste the brightest young things power to question, freedom of speech, free market and all other dumbing down media (or addiction to demand) traps

Chris 301 881 1655

yunus diary http://www.microcredit.tv/id32.html

free speech's big bang: citizens meeting format diaries http://www.microcredit.tv/id33.html

World Service 2.0 & Olympics2.1

Of course the reason why against the odds London will be one of the first 10 cities to unite with Bangladesh and California is we will be the first country boycott our own olympics if the BBC hasnt taken to covering the peoples sustainability games with more attention than spectator sports by 2012; every sustainability crisis has 3 main missing connections:


Media with worldwide scale

Measures that multiply goodwill and human productivity instead of count up last quarters financial numbers

2024 24th update  http://www.normanmacrae.com/netfuture.html :  Big Bang to Bangla

There are very human things to put right at a speed faster than our individual gods or goods – only the mass of collaborative people power can believe and do it; no amount of top people summiting or white housing alone will achieve sustainability in time.

In search of the future of meeting formats whose Satyagraha commune http://wholeplanet.tv

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