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.How banking became first Trillion Audited Dolllar Sector


Human sustainability banking's model was shared with the world as microcredit

It became clear that investing in people's productivity and jobns was far safer in terms of zero defaults that subpriming everybody or other loans to addict people to excess consumption

 The microcredit sectir had to be the first to trillion dollar audit itself as it old banking's final hurrah attempted to take over microcredit starting with the disgrace prpagated in mexico and with accion 


Lifeworks to Trillion Dolar Auditing have so far come from microeconomists whose formative experiences were in Bangladesh:
Dr Muhammad Yunus, Nobel laureate
Norman Macrae, The Economist's all-time most prolific leader writer
It was probably Norman that first forecast that Trillion Dollar Global Sectorss would need one heck of a lot of transparent www auditing if they were to remain free markets. In his 1984 forecast, the scale of transparency mapping needed would require a Nobel Laurate to inspire the world to search ot 30000+ opemnly replicable community-rising solutions to ending poverty http://www.normanmacrae.com/netfuture.html
The first time these 2 microentrepreneur champions met was at a lunch in St james hosted to cenbrate the arrival in Lonmdon of Dr Yunus and the most extraordinaily simple maths book for restoring human sustainbhility expoentials - Creating a world without povery- socila business, future of capitalism 
Trillion Dooalr Auditing posits:
Corpoarte Social Responsibility will always be a game of devil takes te hndmost until we have Industry Sector Responsibility
Industry Sector responsibility was most clearly first defined at a Risk conference by the keyonore speaker, and former CBI Director General, Sir John Banham. We need to end global market sectors profiting by compounding the greatest risk as someone else's externality. This is ultumately a game of transparency times reputation * valuing human sustainability as the number 1 metric of goodwill valuation. It would be easy peasy for a leader of an industry sector to use an annual general m,eeting to decalre form this day on we invite all of our competitors to join us in banishing this externality from our sector
Alternatively with Dr Muhammad yunus offering the irresistible invitaion to leaders - come partner the world's most grounded end poverty networks in bangladesh in innovating the gereatest goodwill service your sector is capable of - we now have a realistic chance of raking every trillion dolar global market sectpr by does it have at elast one plkayer compnding human sustainability rather tahn teh destruction  of it with the  networking of te sector's deepest knowhow
This is without doubt the most valuable leadeshio strategy ever to be played- and it is once where the truest eladers to go first will take such a corpoarte lead in their sector that we can vbision a time when shareholders sue boards for not enaging future capitalism instead of toady's legal ramp of suing boards for not maximising quarterly extraction.


There are various interfacing methods which rillion Dolar Auditing Supports including :

Social Business stockamarkets


 Future Capitalism 

Youth social action diary networks

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