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 When an activity is something that 7 billion people can enjoy knowing about, our editors at microcredit.tv like to encourage as many different way of exploring what you can network around microcredit as possible. Which of these grab you? What other ways into exploring microcredit can be most inspiring?

1 When replicated the way that Bangladesh open sources, microcredit is the only mathematically correct form of sustainability investment banking so far discovered.

2 Microcredit is an optimal way of empowering people and generations to be income generating. With microcredit used optimally, there is no reason why 7 billion people shouldn’t be fully and responsibly employed to their hearts content.

3 Microcredit transforms the poorest communities, and sustainably compounds the wealth and health of any community,  by focusing the governance of banking on two value multiplying dynamics

3a The services the community most needs to be locally supplied competently and sufficiently

3b Identifying that uniquely purposeful patterning which that community can sustain value win-wins by exchanging regionally, nationally or even worldwide

4 Another approach to microcredit is to connect all the poorest but most industrious in a particular industry sector until they own that sector cooperatively. That ensures that the wealth of sector leadership is returned to the local people whose lives locally most deeply served the sector instead of some global capital city

5 In  networked worlds where virtual sources of productivity become possible, we can design ways in which microcredit would ensure a skills association is owned cooperatively and in a way that ends digital or other divides
6 Microcredit regains freedom of speech and media to design free markets of life critical services of which 7 seem pretty essential if every child, women and person is to have a life


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