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Since 2007 the EU (Brussels) has become exponentially more interested in microcredit solutions to Job Creation.


Getting Back to the Best of Times of Being a Young European

As you can imagine @ winter 2011 the amount of updating of information flows needed to put European Youth back on track for 2010s = youth's most productive decade is huge . This means that we can't always keep this page uptodate with all the best news from the Economist's Unacknowledged Giant's club of 100 believers in youth's most productive decade. If you need info to interact now call our Wash Dc hotline 1 301 881 1655 or mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  www.yclub100.com 

To start with the only known model was ADIE - in Paris Maria Nowak is more than 2 decades into designing loans which demonstrate the previously unemployable can be entrepreneurially self-sustaining (more of Nowak's achievements here including her co-founding of 2 MF networks   www.mfc.org.pl http://www.european-microfinance.org/index2_en.php). By French law, ADIE could only offer loans (among financial services) but that is also why its hundreds of branches offer almost every type of market and knowledge hubbing support to how to get started. Now ADIE has developed tens of thousands of successful entrepreneurs, the peer knowledge of how to use a loan to move from unemployed to entrepreneurial wizard is one of the most interesting knowledge multiplying networks in Europe. The bank whose staff have most volunteered to spread the good news of ADIE is BNP Paribas. Over the years, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium have connected to and from ADIE's knowhow with BNP help. Paris has blossomed a 3000 strong annual convergences summit http://www.convergences2015.org/en/ and is developing a worldwide petition for responsibly owned microcredit www.appeldeparis.org . Over in Brussels,  when Eastern European countries most recently Poland took the 6 month rotating chair odf Europe, they strongly empowered loan-based microcredit solutions to their own contexts. The EU now has a multi-faceted program for Microcredit called Jasmine http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/thefunds/instruments/jasmine_en.cfm The EU's most recent microcredisummit involved 200 practitioners on 4 Dec 2011 cheering on what could not have been possible today without Maria Nowak. (On changng laws one small victory is that the paris-based www.babyloan.org which is 2nd to Kiva as an online funder for microcredit is now permitted to collect for adie's members in france as well as developing countries) Convergences is supported by Acted

2nd Rewind of Paris contributions to net generation starts in 2005 with paris emerging as nobel laureate muhammad yunus' favourite social business capital - but this work involves very deep understanding of Grameen's total 15 junction microcredit model of bankng owned by the poor now in its 35th year of compound integration out of Bangladesh (see eg this recent London School of Economics celebration- imagine what focus of savings and entrepreneurial genius must have been needed for Grameen to become a world leader in microenergy or the first partner in taking mobile telephones to the world poorest villages empowering grameen phone ladies to hub a connections service that can only be likened to the tegram coming to the wild west). Grameen's model inspire the world to job create with Bangladeshi villages but Paris as the convergence of Western Europe's greatest job craeting microcrdit and global partbners of Grameen as the millennium goals worlds most exciting microcredit have made France proud to be once again a world epicentre of entrepreneur ( a word the french first coined around 1800 for cutting off heads of those who monopolise youth's future capital). By November 2011, Brussels felt confident enough to start conecting both threads across the whole union. It declared the need to search out most exciting community solutions, and test which were replicable. First among funders of this is the redoutable Sir Ronald Cohen. With the UK's Big Society Capital targeting half a billion euros at youth productivity through social business networking, the bar has been set for all European countries. Sir Ronald is Europe's (arguably the world's) most revolutionary changer of how capital funds are used- he counts total charitable assets in the UK as sitting on 100 billion Euros- and encourages them with social impact bonds to make some of this asset power alive to job creation NOW

If the European union isto be  sustainable it will have been not because of big banks -and their rating agencies -  efforts to destroy the 2010s as youth's most productive decade but because of microcredit hi-trust social busines partnerships and youth's www networking - good news linking in round www.entrepreneurialunion.com
Conference: Social Economy and Social Business (Brussels, 18.11.2011)

As a follow-up to the Commission’s Social Business Initiative (see above), the objective of this Conference was to gather the main EU policy makers and stakeholders of Social business in the EU to take stock of the potential for development of social business, but also the barriers within our Single market.

Social Investment Funds

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    for completeness of paris contributions -here is the background of links that helped yunus build Paris as social business capital of the world - please send chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk your nominations if we have left any key connector out

    over 20+ years emmanuel fabre (now Danone) and Benedict Faivre-Tavignot (HEC) planned 2005 lunch which became yunus global social bsuienss partnering - led to danonecommunities portal sharing all French yunus partners good news projects, danone communities social business fund which includes about 8 social businesses one of them grameen danone yogurt, another china-grameen-danone ying yan Bao; social buisness chair at hec (later co-sponsored with schneider electricity; SMBA at HEC announced by sarkozi; Martin Hisch projects as minister of youth and employment; veolia grameen partnership; grameen credit agricole partnership - number 1 ceo influence in all of this is Frank Riboud


    sarkozy also put B20 on cannes 2011 agenda - next debrief at farm network ; and his Eg8 format remains one for micro-digital to get linking into

other notes:
queen sofia of spain (and originally Greece) has been the most relentess supporter of the 15 years of microcreditsummit- however this american coordinated network doesnt seem to have many connections with microcredit for europe - you can see Queen Sofia's appeal to use microcredit everywhere in her 2010 speech at the microcreditsummit in kenya - download the special issue of the journal of social business and go to page 17 http://normanmacrae.ning.com/forum/attachment/download?id=6339278%3AUploadedFile%3A6813

download 2011 convergences report made by 2000 people passionate about microcredit in paris

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rough correspondences still to be recursively reported at top of page

Nazrul - I would love to get details of your own microcredit model/map in spain in any way that you can send them as this evolves. One of the databases I want civil society networks to collaboraively start assembling is cataloguing by job type - what are these new jobs that employ youth job creators or other passionate community workers once trusted to microcredit networking?

If you have time in 2012 I would happily pay for you to visit paris and I can set up a meeting with Maria Nowak and Emmanuel 3 (BNP Paribas). http://www.convergences2015.org/en/ Every May 3000 people meet in Paris to discuss the new economics view that microcredit practices across Europe regenerates. But as yet these people dont swarm into sarkozy's eG8 the way they need to mobilise. Mostofa and I find that if we can cultivate the right embassy connections at the right time then this gets deeper than the public relations stages the politicians play on the rest of the time. France , Japan and British consuls are natural for friends of my family to chat with bot I dont have an in to Spain!

Collab Action Deadlines: Convergences. We need to get the right french journal out to connect those delegates and a much more popular publication in time to celebrate regenartion of europe at youth's olympics. I will try and ask sir ronald cohen if he and time out will publish a special social business project issue for summers Entrepreneurial Union . Better yet if shareholder activists of The Economist and I can get the sainsbury philanthropy family and royal families committed to green to co-sponsor their own guide within a guide.

By some stroke of fate it is probably the case that the only 3 people to attend all 3 summits- spain's and brussels two were maria, emmanuel 3 and me. Of course if anyone knows any other triple-obesrver , I would love to linkin.

Maria has been working on microcredit for and by Europeans most of her life and it was clear from last friday's EU summit that her networks have basically linked in the EU since 2007. Because of national laws it is true that she doesnt do savings- but what she does do is match the most practice specific peer support networks across her members. Her loans have been successfully got tens of thousands out of unemployment. While she has created adie out of paris, her origin is eastern european. This may explain why her networks connect france and most nations east of france. Perhaps your work can be the perfect union.

I rely on estelle to update me on ground in paris; we started an informal exhcnage when she filmed yunus 69th birtday wish dialogue in dhaka an event mainly coordinated by mostofa and I. At the time we believed we had been authorised to link in all youth networks around yunus in a project he first briefed mostofa on at micricreditsummit bali- prior to that mostofa had been one of te bangaldeshi expats who originated the web muhammadyunus.org in the days that it was supporst to interconnect dialogue forums across future capitals. From the perspective of saving the world with microeconomics I dearly wish yunus had kept that forum going especially as the greenchildren's pop song you can hear me now was the perfect twin youth movement

Perhaps pops stars and opera stars can one day reunite youth peace corps ans Monica's model grows and grwos www.singforhope.org - it needs to interconnect with other youth movements that are unstoppable once visible of which Bhuityans' youth 1000 job brainstorming and paris www.danonecommunities.com remain the easiest to get te Euroepan Union to cros-fertilise now that Brussels sees its future depenends on helping microentrepreneurs to connect without borders

chris macrae dc landline 1 301 881 1655

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