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chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - we welcome alternative nominations within our valuation criteria- we are interested in 10 different models (ie not making a list of the same top 10 in different countries)

we define best microcredits for youth as ones that sustain the purpose of economics advocated by The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant- ie investing in progressing the next generation's productivity out of every community

Joint top Bangladesh's Grameen and BRAC -due to the political situation reigning in Bangladesh at end of 2011, we dont want to add to the stress. We simply take it as read that the combination of these microcredits over the last quarter of the 20the century broke cycles of illiteracy among tens of millions of village children (BRAC building the schools, Grameen investing in mothers whose number 1 wish in life was focused on their childrens progress). In summer 2008, the chief Nobel Peace Judge spoke to thousands of youth who had graduated out of the village saying they were the most exciting example of the net generation- one that economists and peacemakers and youth everywhere can celebrate and action network productively with. In 2011 BRAC's Sir Fazle Abed earned the world's number 1 prize in education - see Doha newslines eg http://www.bracbank.com/WISE_Prize_Official_Press_Release.pdf?drgn=1

http://jamiibora.org Few people are more impartial or experienced judges of pro-youth microcredit than Queen Sofia of Spain who has helped sustain the first 15 years of celebrating microcreditsummit networks annually. 2 years ago she announced that she hoped that every spanish speaking our southern hemisphere country would benchmark the unique model of jamii bora as it extends microcredit to mobile youth and ending slums. 

 After the top 3, conflict issues being tackled by microcredit so that youth lead ever more productive lives get much more detailed and intricate. So we welocme your votes and expact rankings to change - come back often to help us improve our links

4 We choose Paris based www.adie.org because we believe it more than any other model has inspired the European Union to see that microcredit can be the pivotal solution to youth under-employment across the continent - of course this depends on massive collaboration - there are hundreds of microcerdits that belong to associations that adie has helped to found -so we dont personally want to separate celebrating the impact of any of these as Europe maximise microcredit impacts http://www.microcredit.tv/id60.html

click pic to download case and page index includes

BRAC 31, 37, 42, 50, 61, 65, 127

Grameen 26, 34, 38, 42, 44, 47, 50. 102

Jamii Bora 23, 65, 121

ADIE 111


5 Next we chose www.kiva.org . Our  choice is not for directly how it fundraises mainly out of USA for microentrepreneurs in devleoping countries. However, we believe its virtual fame has added to American youths curiosity as to why cant Americans organise safe community banking so that the millions time more collaborative technology than the moon race decade is used to create jobs on planet earth including these united states. At another level of detail, when you interview youth at American universities and ask which microcredit networks give them opportunities to get most involved directly, kiva seems to have been to pretty well every campus inviting such interaction. In a world where so many media experts specialise in bad news, kiva is a click away with good news.

6 We believe that what Brazil is doing with microcredit will probably light up south america faster than even what the European Union does but again this is a win-win challenge - microcredit's mutual advances can be far more than its separate continental races to job create

7 We wonder where microcredit needs to flourish to that Arab Spring youth can take most advantage of it. Turkey seems to be a promising hotspot. Not only is its leading microcredit pro-youth in optimal ways but Turkey has tried to bridge the first 3 presidential entrepreneur summits between west and east - that started 2010 in USA, were celebrated in Turkey in 2011 and will be celebrated in UAE in 2012. (You can help us update latest good microcredit news of Turkey or anywhere)

8 We are optimistic that China is mobilising microcredit in pro-youth ways. However a secret with China seems to be not to name any one network at this stage of evolution.

9 We come back to BRAC in Africa. It seems worth identifying this as a different model than BRAC's Bangladeshi origins because in each of its fastest scaling cases such as Uganda and Tanzania BRAC has sought one extraordinary partner. Such triad partnerships of American Youth, Bangaldeshi community wisdom and N.American entrepreneurial powergouses like mastercard foundation or gates foundation seem to us to be the best news and interactions that African youth can wish for

Joint 10 It may be that this choice is biassed by knowing a bit about the founder but we love the model of www.microloanfoundation.org. This Malawi microcredit thrives because its founder lives in London and stages leadrship quest to Malawi - taking leaders and youth over to see the living laboratory that village microcredit can be. You can adopt an area of microloanfoundation and transfer your micro knowledge into it as with sustainable energy or other fast innovating services. As well as London, Microloanfoundation's other parther branch is Boston, which in MIT has the nunber 1 job creating educational institution in the world. 

 Our other joint 10 is http://wholeplanetfoundation.org which in little more than 5 years has built up a network of over 45 microcredits which get planted in as many developing world locations that it sources produce for the whole foods us superstore as possible . WholePlanet is one of the most exciting newish models of microcredit and in a general top 10 listing it would be much higher up. We are not convinced it is yet fully developed in term of youth impacts but we confidently expect that will come.



 other best for world  models of microcredit but not necessarily linkied into Youth

Nabard India



Pro Mujer 



 Change factors to watch


mobile cash - see bkash and mpesa

other mobile interventions that can change grassroots connectiions 

partnerships formats that encourage youth mediation

educational interfaces with microcredit 


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