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After 15 years Sam Daley-Harris (transparency I feel I know Sam more as a friend than at a professional level) handed over microcreditsummit leadership to Larry Reed. Sam had convened the inaugural sumit in DC and to end 2011 the Queen Sofia of Spian proved the most loyal opinion leading supporter being the guest host of the final world microcreditsummit out of spain in 2011 as well as encouraging everyone with a southern hemisphere concern to join her at the superb Kenya Summit in 2010 linkedin around Jamii Bora -a microcreidt model I value as simplest to understand
Larry Reed is clearly up for damage limitation. His representaion of the state of the campaign resonates round te word vulnerability. For the first time in the annual num er counting reach of microcredit has gone down worldwide. Actually if you are studying the real microcredit its gone up (but phony microcredit has been slashed by India's government after al the harm done).  But nowhere yet are we going back to actually sharing system replicatuon knowhow that6 I as a mathamaticain would have hoped the purspoe was. Back in 1997 I though the idea was to understand hoiw the original models in bangaldesh work and only ever to celebarte analgous bottom-up replications. The big funds that have taking over microcerdit in the last 15 years have done none of that. It seems that the campaign -and keeping the delegarte price of te summit low- is hooked into sponsors who do not represent the solution the world keem together to understand in 1997 and ceelbrate as pivotal to millennum goals. Unless the open educational quality of microcredit summit rebounds from an intelectually bankrupt bottom, what can the point be. This isnt to say some of the new teams interviews arent interesting but we are talking about futures without fully addressing the learnings about the huge system errors that much of the mfi community transgressed.

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Expert Interviews

We Are as Vulnerable as Our Clients

Interview with Vijayalakshmi Das (Managing Director, Ananya Finance Services Pvt. Ltd., India) conducted by Larry Reed (Director, Microcredit Summit Campaign, USA) concerning the what caused the Andhra Pradesh crisis. Learn more.

Digital Transactions and Mobile Payment Systems

Robert Annibale, director of microfinance at Citi in the UK, speaks to Larry Reed about the future of digital transactions and the promise they hold for expanding financial inclusion. Learn more.

On the Psychology of Scarcity

Larry Reed, director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign, interviews Eldar Shafir, William Stewart Tod Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at Princeton University, and co-founder and scientific director at ideas42, a social science research & development lab. Learn more.

The Psychology of the Group

Luisa Brunori, professor and director of the International Microfinance Observatory at the University of Bologna, points to the psychological importance of group meetings as a place to gain confidence and learn new behaviors. Learn more.

Addressing Client Vulnerabilities

Lisa Laegreid, Deputy Director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign, talks to Gauthier Dieudonne, director of Fonkoze’s Chemen Lavi Miyò (CLM) program in Haiti, and the program’s work with the very poor. Learn more.

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