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Class of 2013-2014 what your biggest question on curriculum of microcredit, and do you have one-page answer (or maximum 9 minute audio or khan style debrief) 
-forbidden question to end 2015 - how to find sponsors to see youth's future to?
  .. help benchmark Livelihoods Lab - what alumni network is best for student livelihoods

we welcome chance to publish either questions or questions and answers - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

 khan style peer to peer networks of microcredit dont yet exist - see health knowhow model - why not microcredit next?

 checkout #2025now  #2030NOWacross usa #2015NOW 

.Download free special issue on first 15 years of microcreditsummit sampled at 2011 world summit in Spain...





Download free inaugural issue of youth economics and social business sampled to 7000 youth and yunus ambassadors includcng all Dr Yunus' leading partners in 2011 and Adam Smith scholars out of Glasgow where Yunus had celebrated the 250th entrepreneurial anniversary of Moral Sentments System mapping


Hampshires top 16
sample another 50 interstate pitches from Oregon and North Carolina 


coming soon 2014's students biggest questionscoming soon -any answers

some resources breaking in 2014 -if you see a more specific link that you beliweve youth need to sse first please mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

whole planet resources

regional end of student year knowhow summits - eg san diego 8 aprilva-md-dc region april month of microcredit

microcreditsummit- mexico resources 8-10 sept 2014; preparing for resultas annual summit june 2014 and jim kim #2030now debriefing

on 2 defining social movements of net generation and how to value map them  2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc 2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc, 40 KB

..1 jim kim world bank ceo (& co-founder of PiHealth)  -  his systemic role for youth connects the main conflicts that networkers need to resolve - major context links 1  24JKideas Chinahub

nanocredit resources

cashless banking resources  1

next education summit - september hosted by gandhi family and 50000 students of lucknow- chief microcredit guest mrs nurjahan begum - september 2014 

next muhammad yunus interstate social busienss student competition - Georgia 27 Sept 2014  -special guests expected for youth to welcome include some of following : Prof. Yunus will be joining us in Atlanta for this. We are also expecting President Carter, Andrew Young, Sam Nunn, Ted Turner, and many others

 map back how 25000 youth will exchange curriculum before during and after atlanta 2015

latest news -collaboration blog-  for  youth and muhammad yunus friends in atlanta

Post Card - Final.pdf Post Card - Final.pdf, 628 KB can you help Dr Yunus post 10 Impossible Become Possible Postcards to millions of youth before Atlanta Nov 2015





25000 youth road to atlanta nov 2015 -latest update april 2014

.favorite mooc yunus invitations


favorite impossible become possible postcards co-edited woth youth and yunus 



bacl in 2009 -  - sam daley harris decleared dream of learning exchnage between stidents grameen, BRAC and jamii bora- please send us any files related to this dream 

certainly dont want to own this at microcredit.tv but I would like to see this sort of dialogue scale as I feel there needs to be lots of real peer to peer best case microcredit material before 25000 youth turn up in atlanta nov 2015. My dream would be that what khan academy already does for finding youth's greatest peer to peer open free training on healthcare

Health Content Competition Winners | Khan Academy

Khan Academy
I wanted to be a part of this Khan Academy competition because I wanted to be ...Improving the experience of nursing education and health care technology is 


 we can make a front page of the nobel laureate summit and all leading partners of that


Unless we do that I feel that all the big banking sponsored fake microcredits will drown out the ones that were originally the core knowhow of eg bangaldesh's grameen and brac and kenya's jamii bora - what sam daley harris once called for as needing to be the first 3 top create an open learning exchange


If you see ways your connections with youth may be interested in above please say or connect



chris macrae


A bigger picture is that I know the founder taddy blecher of the south african revolution to get entrepreneurial curriculum re-edited throughout the total education system from kindergarten up. I dont think he has editors of the microcredit part of that yet so why shouldnt youth be- once a presentation has been agreed with government of south africa during first week of april it will be possible to talk about the south african replication process as widely as anyone like- taddy blechers initial partners including branson and google as well as the maharishi process of empowerment

The deliverables of South Africa's Job-Creating educator networks -Blecher partners such as Branson and google - include
National virtual small business and entrepreneurship support services being developed and provided:
University in your Pocket: accessible through any web-enabled cell-phone, computer, or tablet
1. Access to Free Business relevant Education Materials: accredited and registered educational
materials for a MBA, BBA, Post-graduate diploma, Certificate in Management, and 50 skills courses free of charge in partnership with 
Regenesys, the largest Private Business School in SA.
This initiative was launched in Nov 2012, and over 350,000 individuals have accessed the 
site since.

2. Free online National Certificate in Entrepreneurship to existing small businesses (2 years or older)
a. Plan to launch in partnership with UCT (University of Cape Town) Graduate School of Business (GSB), who will provide the qualification
b. 1-year accredited and recognized Certificate alongside a well-developed business plan will be
recognized by large banks and government agencies in SA to access financing
c. Entrepreneurship curriculum to also be offered to traditional skills delivery entities and other
intermediaries (Universities, Colleges, and Further Education and Training institutions)
d. SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) and CHE (Council on Higher Education)
accredited and registered
e. “Price of Entry”, small business to provide extensive information (will build critically lacking
information around small business sector)




3. Free online accredited education for new businesses (and very early stage businesses) to be provided in partnership with Lean Start-up Method National Virtual Incubator Services:
1. Access to Markets: Woza Online “Free websites” initiative, launched Jan 2012 to provide free websites for small businesses in partnership with Google. Over 1 million mentions on Google, and 65,000 small businesses already assisted. Case studies on 1,000 of these being tracked.
2. Access to Finance: Initiative still needing funding and to be launched in Feb 2014, as a national finance solution for small business, providing knowledge of all loan and financial support products offered by any provider (government or private sector) in the hands of every SMME, as well as actual access to finance, ongoing financial literacy, and financial support. Core funding by eg USAID.
This tool will include a free financial accounting package, using single entry accounts in, so that all small businesses looking for capital, can produce comprehensive income statements, balance sheets, cashflow statements, etc.

3. Business Mentorship: Master class series over the internet: video streaming onto cell-phones and computers, by leading entrepreneurs (including the Patrons) as well as experts in pertinent matters for small businesses (tax; vat; financial statements; financial management; government tenders; marketing; strategy, etc.)

4. Business Information: new National Portal under development to support small businesses– one stop shop –any small business anywhere can access information, education, support, mentorship. Over 100 legal contracts and standard agreements for hiring and so on to support small businesses

5. National Support: National call centre: to support entrepreneurs country-wide

6. Predictive Analysis Tool: Predictive analytical tool to assess likelihood of survival and growth, based on a 7-year study. In discussions with African Bank, SEFA (Small Enterprise Funding Agency), SEDA, IDC, and the 4-big banks to recognize these qualifications and provide access to funding for both individuals for exam fees, and for businesses needing capital for their business plans

7. Access to Broadband: Creating partnerships with the 2 largest cell-phone network operators (Vodacom and MTN) to donate data (internet access) for the initiative as part of CSI programme


Twitter with us at GlobalGrameen; inquiries chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - volunteer youth co-editors wanted at GrameenAmericasGrameenAsiaGrameenAfricaGrameenEurope,  EntrepreneurialUnionGrameenScotlandGrameenUKGrameenFranceGrameenGermanyGrameenSpainGrameenBelgiumGrameenEconomics, and at YunusChinaYunusJapanYunusBrandYunusEconomicsYunusLabYunusOlympicsYunusYouthYunus10000YsocialbusinessJournalofSocialBusinessYouthEconomicssustainability2015.com


 Youth Capitalism's Map to Change World - Year 44 Entrepreneurial Revolution



Top 50 Student Jobs Clubs

 Year-round catalogue

Hottest Spring 2014

Nanocredit and other most extreme mobile network applications of very poorest womens networking

Celebrating the next step of freeing job creating entrepreneurial curriculum in every school

What can the world learn from hispanic youth innovatipn cultures and vice versa

Will DC ever be free to exchange the most extreme diaspora change value chain models


Hottest Winter


The tri-capital debate of what the first 25 bottom billion multinationals value models will look like - boulder-boston-dhaka- thanks to sponsorship by Dlab, MediaLab and Abdul latifee


Where do alumni of the first 50000 change the world mooc go next and can GPY help

10 Most Social Collab-brands



Run by leaders youth trust most.. Repurposes value chain of cluster of Trillion Dollar sectors

Use all unseen multi-win metrics of goodwill, trasnparency and risng exponential sustainability -ie opposite maths of wall street extraction by 1% over 99%

Celebrates knowhow which is most valuable to open source and multiply in use

Prototype example: Women4Empowerment leverages knowhow of first 20 years mobile partnerships with world's poorest women volagers and first 45 years of Bangladesh banking for poorest

Active sectors:

First ladies redesign responsibility of fashions

Superstars redesign community regeneration

Poorest owned Nanocredit and cashless banking dialogues with telecoms billionaires

Demonstration of massive family healthcheck celebrations

Maximises connectivity with all top 10 colab-brands

Top 20 Trillion Dollars Markets to repurpose for exponentially sustainable livelihoods

21st C Action Learning Process

 eatured process - spring 2014 - competition forimpossible become possible postcards- the world's largest top-down organisations spend a trillion dollars a year testing concepts for selling ever more expensive products- how does net generation rehearse the most value multiplying concepts ever to be co-created

In addition to coding, which processes is net generation pioneering to create new jobs - eg open spaces, crowdfunding, grounded theory redesign of anti-social media, peer to peer training on missing job creating curricula, makers faires. microfranchise  eplication and joint community ownership, sustainability professions that end externalities instead of compounding them, green energy solutions. 10 times more valuable community healthcare approaches ...

Norman Macrae Family Foundation usa 301 881 1655- enjoys helping people develop content for 9 year olds up on social business system design & Job Creation made famous by Bangaldeshi microcredits since 1976;
We Create What We Want.
We wanted to go to the moon, so we went there. 
We achieve what we want to achieve. 
We accept that poverty is part of human destiny. It’s not!
We believe we can create a poverty-free world. 
We need to invent ways to change our perspective.
We can reconfigure our world if we can reconfigure our mindset. . 
Social business will be a new kind of business, making a difference in the world.
Human beings are a wonderful creation embodied with limitless human qualities and capabilities. 
Entrepreneurs are not one-dimensional human beings, dedicated to maximizing profit. 
They are multi-dimensional: political, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental.
The desire to do great things for the world can be a powerful driving force
Young people dream about creating a perfect world of their own.
Social business will give them a challenge to make a difference by using their creative talent. 
Let us join hands to unleash our energy and creativity. 
Collectively, we can create a poverty-free world.” 
Source : http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/2006/yunus-lecture-en.html

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